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Greet the Week with Gratitude - Week 10

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 10:59 am on Monday, March 10, 2014

Fox in a Bow Tie? Or <3 Bow Ties?

Wow, has 2014 been trying so far. Much of the trials the past few weeks have not been mine to share so it was easier to stay quiet, though extremely difficult to find anything to be grateful for. Now that we are on the other side the fog is thinning and finding a few positives is a bit more possible.

How are you doing? Are you greeting the weeks with gratitude?

  • The Mayo Clinic and their efficiency. What took more than 2 weeks to return inconclusive results at the hometown medical center/hospital had answers in three days at the Mayo. Not answers I’m terribly satisfied with (no treatment); though much, much better than we had been lead to believe from the hometown doctors. No cancer!
  • Technology - cell phones, texting, e-mail, Siri etc. that all made it possible to be kept up to date on the progress of tests and diagnoses.
  • Family in Rochester and Willmar who were able to step up and help mom and dad through this process with rides and guest beds when my sister and I could not
  • The Internet and its wealth of information and tutorials on Adobe products (plus some books from the CSU library). My knowledge and skills in Illustrator have grown exponentially in the last couple of months. I’m well beyond proficient now (dare I say verging into advanced?) and am hugely proud of the graphics I’ve been turing out for work. There have been very detailed and complex infographics, posters, stickers, postcards and more.
  • WorldCurlingTV - this last week we watched a handful of the US National Curling Championships which were being live streamed on YouTube. It was great since we didn’t get to see much Olympic curling because that was all on cable channels. And boy was the men’s final championship draw a fun one! Wow!
  • And last, but certainly not least, all of you who shared your positive energy, light, prayers, etc. with myself and my family these past few weeks without knowing the full story. It was greatly appreciated!

Buffalo tempeh burger with Gorgonzola, a quick celery and carrot slaw, all on homemade whole grain bread. #painisgood

Happy Valentine’s Day

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kristi at 4:32 pm on Friday, February 14, 2014

Emma says "hi" to dad. I actually can't believe I caught one if her very rare smiles. And without food!

My hopes of any news this week has dwindled. Looks like Monday is the day.

But, today is also Emma’s official adoption day! She chose us for Valentine’s Day in 2003 and we are sure glad she did! She may have some gray/white (or a lot) going on, but she is as spunky and frisky as ever.

10 on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Red Things

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kristi at 11:36 am on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No surprise, as Carole is queen of timely 10 on Tuesday topics, but this week in time for Valentine’s Day on Friday we are to share 1o favorite things that are red. A pop of bright color in the midst of winter doldrums sounds like a good plan too.

March Kitchen Things
1 & 2: My great grandma’s sugar bowl (whose lid has since broken and now serves as our salt cellar) and apples (especially pink lady when you are talking the reddish kind).

Boosting my energy on this time change Monday with red kicks! #nanowrimo
3: I don’t wear them super often as they are cheapy Target shoes and not terribly comfortable for the amount of walking I do most days, but I can’t help but smile when I wear these red mary jane mules!

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus on Celery
4 & 5: Roasted red peppers! I especially like them in things like hummus or tomato and roasted red pepper soup.

m-Edge Kindle 3 Covers
6: While it is now a back-up, I still love my red case for my Kindle Keyboard and only wish there are been an equally good red choice for the Paperwhite. As a consolation, DH’s hand-me-down iPad came with a good red case too.

My New Bike - Jamis Coda Femme
7: My road bike, Isabella!

Röd Gröd Up Close
8: Röd Gröd, a Scandinavian raspberry pudding that is packed with fiber and antioxidants but still seems decadent and like a treat.

Three of Diamonds with Berries
9. Again with the red feet, but I love wearing my Three of Diamonds socks knit in Sandi’s Red from Miss Babs.

Hand knits at the office :-) My cornucopia cowl was today's pick.
10: And another handknit, my Cornucopia cowl has been getting a lot of love lately as we’ve had single digit or worse walks in the morning into the office. The soft yarn and pop of the red against my purple down jacket makes me smile.

Believe it or not, I used to hate red. With a passion. Now I keep being drawn to red things more and more. I will confess to being a bit prejudice against warm, orangey reds though. I apparently like nice, cool reds.

What are your favorite red things?

Greet the Week with Gratitude - #6

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 2:05 pm on Monday, February 10, 2014

As we head into the 6th full week of 2014 I’m grateful for the following:

  • The Olympics and being able to record/stream the NBC coverage via Aereo since we can’t get NBC over the air because they don’t put up repeaters. It provides both a good distraction/escape and good company for tedious tasks!
  • Cell phones so communication via text/voice/e-mail is easy and at hand at all times.
  • Puppies to cuddle who have super soft ears to stroke while worrying.
  • Positive thoughts and prayers from generous family and friends.

How about you?

2014 Reading So Far

Filed under: Books — Kristi at 3:43 pm on Friday, February 7, 2014

First of all, thank you to those who have expressed your support. Things are not looking quite as dire now as when I posted on Wednesday, though no conclusions will be had until probably next Friday or perhaps the following Monday. I’m not comfortable getting into any specifics until more is known. But please know your support and positive thoughts and prayers are of great comfort and are truly appreciated!

First Batch of 2014 Reading

I blew away my record for books read in a year last year - 123! Almost double what my initial challenge of 64 was. This year I decided on 104 - 2 books per week. I’m well ahead right now, but you never know when that pace might change. So far I’ve finished 16 books. That’s way too many to go over in a blog post so I’m just listing them below with a rough idea of genre and a link to my reviews on Goodreads.

  • Paradise Falls by Ruth Ryan Langan - 4 stars, contemporary holiday romance
  • The Fireside Inn by Lily Everett - 3 stars (ARC novella), contemporary romance
  • Only Mine by Susan Mallery - 3.5 stars, contemporary small town romance, book 4 of the Fool’s Gold series
  • Maiden Rock by Mary Logue - 3 stars, contemporary soft procedural mystery, 6th in the Claire Watkins series
  • Spiraling by Rachel Cross - 3.5 stars (ARC), contemporary sports romance
  • Heather Ross Prints by Heather Ross - 3 stars - non-fiction crafting/sewing
  • Live by Mary Ann Rivers - 4 stars (ARC), contemporary romance, 1st in the Burnside series
  • Mastering Fermentation by Mary Karlin - 4 stars - non fiction cookbook/food preservation
  • A Function of Murder by Ada Madison - 3 stars, cozy mystery, 3rd in the Sophie Knowles series
  • Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair - 3.5 stars (ARC), contemporary romance, 4th in the St. Helena’s Vineyard series (though I hadn’t read any of the prior books and it was just fine)
  • Slice of Heaven by Sheryl Woods - 3.5 stars, contemporary small town romance, 2nd in the Sweet Magnolias series
  • Kombucha Revolution by Stephen Lee and Ken Koopman - 4 stars (ARC, available June 2014) - non-fiction cookbook
  • Fault Line by Sarah Andrews - 4 stars, cozy mystery, takes place just before the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics so the timing while accidental was nice, 7th in the Em Hansen series
  • Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson - 4 stars, contemporary mystery, first in the Baker Street series
  • Haunted by Heather Graham - 4 stars, contemporary paranormal romantic suspense, first in the Harrison Investigations series
  • Another Man’s Moccasins by Craig Johnson - 3 stars, contemporary western procedural mystery, 4th in the Walt Longmire series

As you can imagine I’m liking escapist reads right now. Nothing too heavy in topic. But I would love some recommendations as my several year stint of cozies has grown a bit tiresome and I am mostly just revisiting a select set of series I’m well invested in. The past 12-18 month stint of small town romances is getting quite stale too (really, you climb into bed without protection and then are surprised when you are pregnant at the end of the book? *sigh*). So I’m open for suggestions! What has been your most favorite read in the past year?

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