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Greet the Week with Gratitude - Week 10

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 10:59 am on Monday, March 10, 2014

Fox in a Bow Tie? Or <3 Bow Ties?

Wow, has 2014 been trying so far. Much of the trials the past few weeks have not been mine to share so it was easier to stay quiet, though extremely difficult to find anything to be grateful for. Now that we are on the other side the fog is thinning and finding a few positives is a bit more possible.

How are you doing? Are you greeting the weeks with gratitude?

  • The Mayo Clinic and their efficiency. What took more than 2 weeks to return inconclusive results at the hometown medical center/hospital had answers in three days at the Mayo. Not answers I’m terribly satisfied with (no treatment); though much, much better than we had been lead to believe from the hometown doctors. No cancer!
  • Technology - cell phones, texting, e-mail, Siri etc. that all made it possible to be kept up to date on the progress of tests and diagnoses.
  • Family in Rochester and Willmar who were able to step up and help mom and dad through this process with rides and guest beds when my sister and I could not
  • The Internet and its wealth of information and tutorials on Adobe products (plus some books from the CSU library). My knowledge and skills in Illustrator have grown exponentially in the last couple of months. I’m well beyond proficient now (dare I say verging into advanced?) and am hugely proud of the graphics I’ve been turing out for work. There have been very detailed and complex infographics, posters, stickers, postcards and more.
  • WorldCurlingTV - this last week we watched a handful of the US National Curling Championships which were being live streamed on YouTube. It was great since we didn’t get to see much Olympic curling because that was all on cable channels. And boy was the men’s final championship draw a fun one! Wow!
  • And last, but certainly not least, all of you who shared your positive energy, light, prayers, etc. with myself and my family these past few weeks without knowing the full story. It was greatly appreciated!

Buffalo tempeh burger with Gorgonzola, a quick celery and carrot slaw, all on homemade whole grain bread. #painisgood

Greet the Week with Gratitude - #6

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 2:05 pm on Monday, February 10, 2014

As we head into the 6th full week of 2014 I’m grateful for the following:

  • The Olympics and being able to record/stream the NBC coverage via Aereo since we can’t get NBC over the air because they don’t put up repeaters. It provides both a good distraction/escape and good company for tedious tasks!
  • Cell phones so communication via text/voice/e-mail is easy and at hand at all times.
  • Puppies to cuddle who have super soft ears to stroke while worrying.
  • Positive thoughts and prayers from generous family and friends.

How about you?

Greet the Week With Gratitude - #5 I’ve got nothing

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 8:36 am on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I’m sorry. What was already a hard week got significantly worse and I just don’t have it in me to put together a greet the week with gratitude. I know that means I need it most, yet I can’t. I thought 2013 was bad. 2014 continues to get worse from there and I’m really not wanting to see any more of it.

If you have any positive energy to spare I could sure use it.

Greet the Week with Gratitude 2014 - #4

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 4:47 pm on Monday, January 27, 2014

My Constant Companions

Well, here we are already at the 4th Monday of 2014. Kind of hard to believe. This week I’m especially grateful for technology!

  • My Wacom tablet has been my closest friend these past six weeks as I’ve been doing TONS of vector illustration/design work in Illustrator. I’ve been creating intricate infographics that required tons of icons. Since I have no budget to purchase licenses for such things I’ve had to create them from scratch. I’ve had the tablet for several years thanks to a birthday gift from my parents, but never really ended up using it much. Now that I’ve really dug into vector work and gotten comfortable with it I suspect I’ll find it more helpful with photo editing. Shoot, I’ve even using it to surf and do general low-typing computing. It is so much more ergonomic!
  • Related to the above, I’m very grateful for those who have shared their knowledge and experience of these complex graphics programs (most especially Illustrator) on YouTube/Vimeo videos. It has been a life-saver and now I’m at the point that I’m solving my own problems more and more often and not having to look up how-tos. I’ve learned so many new things about working with vectors, which is so different from photo editing!
  • DH’s old iPad is also an indispensable tool as I make edits to 70+ page documents without access to a work printer.

What are you grateful for this week? What tech gadgets do you find integral to your day?

Greet the Week with Gratitude 2014 - #3, the people edition

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 1:18 pm on Thursday, January 23, 2014

Svea Cup & Saucer

I ran across a post sometime during this past week about gratitude journaling and they highlighted that appreciating people is more beneficial. So, this week I’m being grateful for people! Who are you grateful for?

  • My little sister! She always knows just what I need. I haven’t been home since January 2010 when I used to get home twice a year. It just isn’t in the budget. If the money isn’t too tight I have no paid vacation so it is anyway. For Christmas she gave me a very limited edition keepsake cup and saucer. It is a vintage one from the church I grew up in, though we don’t know when it was originally purchased. Just that my dad thinks he remembers them from when he was a kid. It is super thick and sturdy and it makes me think of home every morning when I drink my coffee from it.
  • Obviously DH - bread baker, chief dish and laundry washer, awesome sous chef, bed warmer-upper, curling bout watching enabler (this past weekend was the Continental Cup in Vegas and there were several draws steamed live on YouTube), back massager, walking encyclopedia of miscellanea, handyman, resident mathematician who can tell me if my ideas on calculating various things need dusting off (you’d be surprised how much math my current job has employed), and many other things that aren’t coming to mind just this minute but not any less appreciated.
  • Mom and Dad of course. I pretty much always feel helpful and useful after talking to them, whether I helped mom learn how to use a new ingredient in the kitchen or shared a tip on using voiceover on her iPhone, or talked gardening techniques with Dad I always feel like I’ve at least provided something to think about or look into even if I didn’t have the exact answer. And, well, it feels nice to feel needed.
  • Friends - I’ve been blessed with too many to start naming names without surely accidentally leaving one out and offending. But they no doubt know who they are, whether they are near or far!

This week has been crazy so I’m not so much greeting the week at this point. Though I swear I started composing this post on Monday. It has just taken this long to wrap it up. We’ve had the start of the school session once again which always shakes up the daily schedule and takes a bit to settle back into. We also had some opportunities to visit with friends we haven’t seen in months and in years so it has been a good week, but not much in the way of extra time to sit at the computer.

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