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Week 1 Books

Filed under: Books — Kristi at 4:54 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2013

I’ve done a fair bit of reading in these first ten days of 2013. It has helped that the first several were very cold and that I declared last weekend a hermit weekend so I could recover from all the holiday socializing that had taken over several preceding weekends. So, here are my completed reads for these past ten days or so.

The Quinoa Cookbook by John ChathamThe Quinoa Cookbook: Nutrition Facts, Cooking Tips, and 116 Superfood Recipes for a Healthy Diet by John Chatham – 3.5 stars. This cookbook is a nice introduction to the many other ways quinoa can be used in your meals. If you are cooking gluten free, do be aware that not all the recipes contained in the cookbook are gluten-free. Many call for flour. But if you are experienced in gluten-free cooking and baking I suspect you could adjust the recipes to meet your needs without too much difficulty. Overall, I’m quite pleased to have this cookbook on my Kindle shelf. Full review on Goodreads.

Keeping Christmas by B.J. DanielsKeeping Christmas by B.J. Daniels – 4 stars. This story really isn’t missing anything - secrets, lies, gambling, kidnapping, hit men, car chases, gun shots, Christmas in the mountains, Texas oil money, deceit… You name it and it probably in this book. Somehow B.J. Daniels pulls it off though. It doesn’t feel too contrived or unbelievable. It just feels suspenseful and the romantic tension helps keep the book a tad lighter and even a bit playful at points. I wouldn’t have minded a tad more romance in the mix though. Full review on Goodreads.

17 Yoga Stretches For The Office Workers by Ervin Ruhe Jr.17 Yoga Stretches For The Office Workers by Ervin Ruhe Jr – 1 star. If you are completely unaware of stretches for the office place you may pick up a few things, but there are likely higher quality titles with fewer editing issues and less repetition from which to choose. If you’ve done any trolling of the web for such things or have any yoga experience you likely will not learn anything from this ebook. Full review on Goodreads.

Engagement in Seattle by Debbie MacomberAn Engagement in Seattle by Debbie Macomber – 4 stars. This book contains two novellas, both unusual stories of love and marriage, both set in Seattle. In both, the woman was the one requiring some straightening out. Of the two stories, I think I enjoyed the second a bit more than the first, but both were entertaining reads - as I have come to expect from Debbie Macomber. If you enjoy Debbie Macomber or you’ve enjoyed movies like Greencard, The Proposal and You’ve Got Mail you will likely enjoy these stories as well. Full review on Goodreads.

I’m almost finished with another romance book, have a cozy up to bat and am slowly working through a diet/nutrition/cookbook. I’m betting all three will be in next week’s update.

I have already strayed from my January read plan, LOL! The book I’m just about done with wasn’t on my list for this month. I ended up adding it because it was in the master list and I owned it and I was on a waiting list to check out the cozy that is now up to bat and the NetGalleys I discovered can’t be read in the Kindle apps on computers so I can’t synch between reading on the computer and on the Kindle. It wasn’t a huge departure from the plan so I’m okay with it. I’ve also moved my master list to a spreadsheet on Google Drive so I can sort by genre or whether I own the title, can get it from the library or wish to own it and what format I plan to read it in etc. I think that will come in handy and may prove to be all the planning I ultimately need.

Have you finished any good books this week?

And if you happen to see this before 8am MST on Friday, I’d love any positive energy you could spare sent my way! I’ll share more as I’m able.

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