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Week 2 Reads

Filed under: Books — Kristi at 5:35 pm on Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reading this week was a tad slower. In reality, it probably was not really that much slower since I didn’t have any short reads this week (I had 2 last week, plus a few extra days). I finished two fiction titles, both from series, one mystery and one small-town romance. I gave both 4 stars.

Whispering Rock by Robyn CarrWhispering Rock (Virgin River Series, Book 3) by Robyn Carr - 4 stars. I have to admit I am a tad surprised I am enjoying these books as much as I am. I had picked up a short from the series for free on Kindle and read it last year or maybe even the year before and hadn’t been impressed. It felt forced and too contrived. I did discover it was written with a purpose of highlighting a charity so I wondered if the forced feeling was a side-effect of that so finally decided to give the series a try. After reading the first three books I am thinking that is the case. I’ve really enjoyed all three. I especially love how much you get to see the characters from previous books and how their story is progressing. If you enjoy small-town romances with some drama and a sprinkling of action you might want to give this series a try. See the full review on Goodreads.

A Superior Death by Nevada BarrA Superior Death (Anna Pigeon Series, Book 2) by Nevada Barr - 4 stars. If you haven’t heard of this series before, Anna Pigeon is a ranger with the National Parks System. In this second season she is stationed at Isle Royale, a remote island off the coast of Michigan which is a popular destination for those wishing to do some deep fresh water diving and to explore some sunken ships. The book is full of nature and action in addition to the mystery and suspense. What I enjoyed most from this book was the crazy, colorful cast of characters. Despite all of the action, mystery and wacky people it almost all came across as believable and not too contrived. There was only one small spot where I thought, “come on.” I did find the characters in A Superior Death to be more peculiar than in the first book, but I enjoy how real Anna is with her sometimes conflicting traits and thoughts. If you enjoy nature, quirky characters and some action with your mysteries, this book is for you! See the full review on Goodreads.

I also continued to slog forward a teeny bit in a non-fiction diet book I got through NetGalley, but it is truly a struggle. My thoughts on how food fuels the body do not mesh with the author’s. Oddly though, I think ultimately our philosophy on eating and nutrition will. I suspect once I get to the recipes all will be good. The getting there is bogging me down. I am seriously contemplating skipping to the recipe section. I’m dragging my feet though, not certain if I can write a real review of the title if I skipped sections of it. What would you do?

Next up fiction-wise will be Casting About by Terri DuLong. Yet another departure from the January plan, but when a book you’d like to borrow comes up for loan you take it :-) I may also start Dilly of a Death by Susan Wittig Albert as I recently was able to procure a copy of that in print. I’m kind of finicky in that if I’m buying a series I want them all in the same format. Oh, and on the non-fiction front a book on fermenting food came in at the library that I need to pick up too.

What have you been reading this week or looking forward to diving into soon?

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Comment by mrspao

January 27, 2013 @ 5:24 pm

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the Anna Pigeon series until you mentioned it.

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