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Slow Living January 2013

Filed under: Slow Living — Kristi at 6:40 am on Friday, February 1, 2013

Over the course of 2012 I watched my fellow SnB-er, Kathryn of Alpacamundo document her efforts towards slower living each month. She was taking part in a blog campaign (for lack of a better term) put together by Christine at Slow Living Essentials. I had a bit of a discussion about it with Kathryn after she posted her December wrap up and decided it might be nice to have a better record of the progress DH and I are making in slowing down and living more simply. So, this is my look at January.

January 2013 Food Favorites
With the cool weather and dark days, much time this month was spent in the kitchen and a good bit of baking resulted. DH and I made our first batch of lefse, first batch of kombucha and one nearly weekly since, spicy honey sesame ginger tempeh a great alternative to Asian delivery service. This last week I also made a super yummy partial whole grain bread with cooked quinoa and started creating a refrigerator cookie. DH also made a whole grain pizza crust that has been proofing in the fridge to develop more flavor.

We took advantage of an infrequent member-only sale at our local food co-op to shore up our spice cabinet and make our own taco seasoning mix for lentil tacos. We also stocked up on a few more whole grain flours.

At the first of the year my Kindle reading light corroded and stopped working. I broke out the gloves, white vinegar and cotton swabs to clean it up and get it working once again! It cost pennies, saved the $20 for a new light and kept the old one from the landfill!

I also started turning an old flannel PJ top and part of an old flannel sheet into cape-like rice bags for applying moist heat or cooling to the neck, shoulders, upper back and even the pecs. I’ve hit a couple different snags along the way and haven’t been diligent in working on it so I don’t have a completed one yet.

{green up}
This category is the hardest for me, but mostly because over the years DH & I have trended in that direction naturally so it is harder for me to see what we’ve accomplished in the regard.

I continued using my own bath salts, face scrub and body moisturizers. I also am loving the baking soda/Dr. Bronners/EO/water scrub for cleaning the tub and shower tile (not so much the other bathroom fixtures). I brought my lunches to work in canning jars and such to reduce packaging waste and gas driving somewhere for lunch. As usual, DH and I carpooled to work/school.

Given the time of year there is not much growing going on. I am trying to keep a rosemary bush I bought in early December going, but it is not looking good. I’m also thinking a bit about gardening come spring but am unsure what I’ll be able to handle, both watering and produce-wise, since I’ll be on my own this summer. Also many of the garden beds are rapidly deteriorating.

Crawling along on the current DIP...

As I mentioned in {reduce}, I’m working on a couple rice bags for the shoulders/neck/upper back and am learning a fair bit in the process - clipping fabric for easing into curves, top stitching to create baffling, how best to deal with filling with rice and putting in the baffling etc. I also have knit half of an accessories project I’m designing.

Most of my discovery reading this month was on diet and nutrition. I read The MILF Diet (review), The Quinoa Cookbook (review) and most of Real Food Fermentation. I took away something from each.

{enhance community}
One evening a young man asked us for a dollar for bus fare when we were wandering around Old Town. I rarely have cash on me and am loath to hand out cash anyway. But I remembered that I carry a pack of bus tickets with me in case of car trouble so I gave him one.

I’m also working on getting back in the groove of blogging and taking the time to comment on other’s blogs instead of just reading and moving on.

Beans & Bikes day in our home. I'm in my 13th CO winter, so shouldn't be surprised, but I biked in January! That just boggles this MN native's mind!

In this traditionally cold and dark month there was much good food, lots of books read, as many PJ days on the weekends as we could muster, some movies, DH’s birthday celebration, a few runs and even a bike ride to and from Old Town!


Comment by Jodi

February 1, 2013 @ 12:37 pm

Ooh, I’m going to have to try that tub/tile cleaning mix! Some of those tub cleaners are frighteningly toxic and fume-y.

Lentil tacos sound absolutely intriguing! Recipe link, please?? : )

Comment by mrspao

February 1, 2013 @ 2:47 pm

I love the sound of your slow living month. It sounds like you are making really good progress. I am quite interested in knowing your taco seasoning mix.

Comment by Kathryn | Alpacamundo

February 2, 2013 @ 7:23 pm


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