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10 on Tuesday: 10 Reasons You Are Happy It is March

Filed under: 10 on Tuesday — Kristi at 10:57 am on Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yay! Latte art!

  1. SNOW! I know most of you are ready to be done with winter. In some ways I’m right there with you. But we’ve had very little precipitation this winter and March is typically our snowiest month so I am embracing snow with enthusiasm in hopes it will delay fire season this year.
  2. More light! It is light when I leave the house and for a while after I get home now so there is no arguing that spring is coming.
  3. It’ll be time to mess in the garden and yard again soon. I’m getting itchy to plant some of the cool season crops like kale, chard, spinach, radishes and peas!
  4. There is still enough chill in the air to continue savoring my hot coffee, lattes and teas.
  5. Again, it is still cool enough I don’t think twice about firing up the oven and doing some baking.
  6. May I interest you in a  still warm ball of whole grain bread? It's whole wheat, quinoa and oats!

  7. I can still enjoy relatively hearty meals like an curry-inspired stew.
  8. The erratic weather allows for reading in the coziness of the house and blankets as well as in the sun on the patio — both in the same week!
  9. There are times it is warm enough that the grill can be fired up and the food still hot when it gets in the house.
  10. If the wind would take a break there is the likelihood of better outdoor fitness opportunities like runs and bike rides.
  11. Buds on the trees are swelling and giving just the tiniest hint of color to their branches and leaves won’t be too far behind!

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