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Weekending Crafty and Food Linkity

Filed under: Linkity — Kristi at 2:06 pm on Friday, March 22, 2013

Blood orange! Perfect breakfast finisher!

We stopped at the food co-op yesterday afternoon for some staples to get us through another snowy (I hope they got it right this time) weekend and happened upon blood oranges. Yum! I hadn’t ever had one straight up before. Too bad they are *so* expensive *sigh*.

As I mentioned yesterday, there will be some watching of Warehouse 13 this weekend. Although I’m sorry to admit we watched 6 episodes last night! That’s kind of sad except when you figure in being under the weather and getting some knitting done while watching. There will likely also be some reading. More knitting.

Maybe I’ll do some sewing? I have a few pieces that just need hemming, plus a few patterns singing their siren song to me. Though I have fabric stash for only a couple. I think I have two fabrics that I could turn into the new Coletterie Laurel dress (and maybe one or two for the blouse version) but I’m uncertain if a shift like that is really suited to my current body shape? Although in a breathable fabric it seems like a wonderfully comfortable cut for unbearably hot days and there is a sleeveless version. What do you think? Would it suit? I should decide as the pattern is on sale through today if I want to get it. They are also having a contest for FOs.

I trolled Ravelry this week for some FOs of my patterns and found some stunning ones!

With the colder, damp weather I think I’ll be diving into my new cookbook from DH and we’ll be enjoying Heidi’s Farro Soup. Although I couldn’t find farro in bulk yesterday, so I think I’ll sub in brown basmati rice which should have a similar cooking profile. We’ll also use preserved lemons in the yogurt rather than adding fresh lemon and salt individually.

We may also have her baked oatmeal for brunch with frozen blueberries.

I might finally get around to photographing my lentil tacos that several of you have requested as well. That is if we don’t have our fill of lentils in the soup.

With the bug I got mid-week my kombucha bottling was delayed a bit, but that will be happening tonight or early tomorrow morning. The tea has to cool completely so it’ll depend upon how long that takes. I can’t wait to try the coffee as well as do a side-by-side taste comparison of the 4 different types of tea! We had to buy bottles now as this batch exceeded our capacity. Ooops! It’s good to support the local brew shop though I suppose.

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What is on your docket for the weekend? Has spring sprung where you are yet? While I’m happy for precipitation in any form I’m not horribly excited about it being frozen, but I’ll take it.


Comment by Amanda

March 24, 2013 @ 7:58 pm

My Laurel pattern arrived in the mail on Sat. Talk about fast! I think I’ve narrowed down my choices of stash fabric to try the blouse version first. Then if I love it I can explore a dress version. Sewing time has been nill, so it will be a challenge just to find time to eek it out (along with everything else I wat to make/finish).

Comment by Chris

March 28, 2013 @ 6:03 pm

Thanks for the mention!

I can’t even remember what the heck I did last weekend… :D Mostly vegging, I think.

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