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It’s National Running Day - And My Dad’s Birthday!

Filed under: Uncategorized, Fitness — Kristi at 9:49 am on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dad Gets Mouse

Not that those two things have anything in common. My dad is not a runner. Though, when I was younger there was one spring/summer where dad, my sister and I all trained to run a mile at the June is Dairy Month Milk Run. The person to guess their time the closest was a winner in addition to the first finishers in each age category. At the time, my sister was amazing at sprinting and I’m pretty sure she took home some ribbons for shorter races. I’m not certain how we did at the mile. We trained at the track at the Junior High near my grandparent’s house. I think about those training runs sometimes when I’m out running now. How odd that things eventually come around full circle? Dad was probably just a bit younger than I am now when we did that.

Watched the Fast and Furriest 5k to see how people did keeping their dogs out of the way of runners. Verdict? It wasn't set up well so first runners were needing to weave through walkers. But dogs & their owners were generally behaved. I'll probably run i

I have a question for any of you runners out there, or those who like any form of physical activity outdoors - how do you carry your phone with you? I’m developing an armband tan line and I’m not pleased. I could, in theory use a shuffle or nano for runs, except that my heart rate monitor talks via Bluetooth to my phone. Plus, for safety it is nice to have my phone with me. I will admit to wearing it when mowing and gardening as well, which is really probably the source of the tan line as when I run outdoors it is usually pretty early in the morning. But sometimes I chat with mom or DH while I’m gardening.

I had the opportunity to talk with some REI employees on Saturday at the volunteer event so I asked them what they suggested and they said to stick with the arm band because the waist packs chafe? I know that is a common way to carry water and as we get warmer I could use something in that direction as well. What is your experience? Waist packs bad? Okay? I tend to wear semi-high waisted compression bottoms to hold my excess skin in place while exercising. As long as the waist pack is over the pants I shouldn’t chafe should I?

I’ve been contemplating a FitFannyPack. It wouldn’t provide hydration, but it seems like it wouldn’t chafe and would give me a place to tuck house keys, my ID and my phone. But, I’m kind of between sizes… Is there something somewhat similar that would hold hydration as well?

A post-run photo op! Brandon & I completed our first run together this morning. There is a learning curve, so with 3 near trips I called us done at 2 miles. But we did manage to maintain my usual pace, so I'll call it successful, if a tad short.

I’m also getting up to needing new headphones. DH gave me a pair of the higher end Apple ones several years ago that allow you to switch out the size. I have odd sized/shaped ears and tend to have difficulties with ear buds staying put. These mostly do, but they are dying. I occasionally get small shocks in my left ear when I’m wearing them. Do you have a fav that has flexible sizing and the mic/remote? I’ve been contemplating some form of YurBuds for a few months now. I’d love to hear some personal experience on those or others.

I’m trying to decide on my usual yoga tonight with a substitute instructor or trying a group run for the first time… Hmmm….


Comment by Sharripie

June 5, 2013 @ 11:47 am

I have an amphipod belt that I use to carry my phone and house keys while I run. I like it because the belt is stretchy and the pouch can hold my longer-than-average phone. (I have an HTC One X) I don’t really care for the race bib holder on this though, so I removed them. Here’s the link for the model I have:

As for headphones, I don’t have a recommendation. Hope this helps!

Comment by Carole

June 5, 2013 @ 12:31 pm

My friend Helen was just talking about her FlipBelt and how much she loves it so maybe you should look into that. I run with my phone in my hand and that works just fine for training. When I run a race, though, I use an armband.

Comment by Jewels

June 5, 2013 @ 5:36 pm

Trying buying some of the bike shirts. They have pockets in the back. They’re breathable, come in different styles, and are for all seasons. It’s been working for me.

Comment by Lucy

June 5, 2013 @ 7:48 pm

Just upgraded to an iphone 5, and it came with redesigned ear buds that fit my ears MUCH better than the Apple model that you mention (which I also have). Includes a mic/remote. These are a huge improvement. They stay put in my ears and don’t hurt. Maybe they are available as an individual product without the phone.

Comment by Anne

June 6, 2013 @ 5:55 am

I just make sure I’ve got a top with those little pockets in the back and pop my phone in that. I don’t usually run outside, so I’m not much help with the water issue, but my SIL, I know, finds the water containers that have a center hand-opening useful. She doesn’t like the bags and packs banging when she runs and since she does tri’s mostly, it’s just one more thing to take off or on.

Comment by Amanda

June 6, 2013 @ 9:51 am

I hadn’t heard of the FitFannyPack - looks pretty cool. But, I KNOW it wouldn’t stay in place on me. I mean, everything rides up on me and then it would just be uncomfortable and awkward. I’ve seen folks on the road wearing hydration vests. If they’re snug enough I think that would be comfortable. But, it looks like that would be a pretty expensive option. This looks like a waist pack that might work:

And then I’d opt for the type of water you hold in your hand. I think if I had water around my waist the pack would move too much and be bothersome.

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