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Greet the Week with Gratitude: Summer Edition

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kristi at 10:10 am on Monday, June 17, 2013

Won't know for sure until I cut into it, but I think this #summerbakingexperiment was a success!

1. I’m grateful for the grill. It helps me maintain a somewhat comfortable temperature in the house, despite the high 90’s temps of early last week. I even baked 100% whole wheat bread in it (thanks to the bread machine breaking the day before DH left for DC).

A steak salad for lunch. Why does the good stuff always land at the bottom?

2. Wonderful greens! There is nothing more refreshing in the summer than salads made with local greens from the farmer’s market and my garden. Though I will confess to having given up on the arugula and letting it flower now as I’ve had enough.

Lucinato kale, grill roasted beets, scallion, pecans, quinoa, & rf Gorgonzola dressed with kombucha vinaigrette. Delish!

3. The appearance of produce at the Farmer’s Market! Often the first month or so is kind of slow with most of the products available being processed or plants for the garden and little in the way of real produce. This week I got some wonderful beets that I roasted on the grill and tossed with kale I dressed with a Kombucha vinaigrette and sprinkled with some pecans and gorgonzola.

4. The Internet, where I learned how to make my own sugar wax from scratch allowing me to wax my legs while watching a few movies on NetFlix on Friday night. Yep, I have exciting weekends around here - waxing my legs. Next week it’ll be a long overdue pedicure ;-)

How about you? What have you been grateful for this last week or for the week ahead?

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Comment by mrspao

June 17, 2013 @ 1:50 pm

I really admire you for waxing your own legs. I tried it in the 90s and have never attempted it again since.

I am sad I still can’t talk as I missed our Skype tonight. Your bread looks yummy.

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