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10 on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Backyard Games

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kristi at 4:26 pm on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I’m not certain I know of 10 backyard games. Well, town-friendly or adult/family friendly ones anyway. Growing up on a farm with grandparents across the street the passel of cousins always came up with interesting things to play, but most really required wide open spaces and/or woods and farm outbuildings for hiding.

1. Croquet! I grew up playing a ton of, especially in the backyard of Grandma and Grandpa Bakke in town. We played with great grandpa Davis quite a lot.
2. Boccee ball is one I didn’t play until I came to CO, but I enjoy it.
3. Cornhole seems to pop up a lot of the outdoor gatherings here in CO. I hadn’t played it until I moved here.
4. Some college friends and I used to go to the park and toss a frisbee (or similar item) a lot.
5. Just recently I’ve seen the Ladder Toss game pop up a lot, though I haven’t really tried it.

I’m afraid I’m tapped out! What am I missing? Well, other than Jarts, LOL!

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