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2014 Greet the Week with Gratitude #2

Filed under: Gratitude — Kristi at 9:41 am on Monday, January 13, 2014

Swapping out books! It was my first visit since the grand reopening after the remodel project. I need a map!

Ah, here we are, the second Monday of 2014 already. The first month is very nearly 1/2 over. Crazy how time flies!

What things are you grateful for this week? Mine are below! If you want to keep up during the week, when I think of it I’m tweeting my gratitude moments with the hahstag #greetgratitude.

  1. This week I’m grateful for our public library. They have a great selection of both print and e-books and it is really pretty simple to get your hands on titles in print that they don’t have if needed.
  2. A DH who is as capable in the kitchen as I. His french bread was especially enjoyed all week last week and his yummy yeast-raised pancakes over the weekend and this morning for breakfast.
  3. Streaming TV/Movies and the ability to watch TV shows we previously missed when they originally aired.
  4. The smart gals of my knitting group who I think solved my problem on my too big Diana Hat. Though I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet as my arm/shoulder had a bad week last week.
  5. Intercession at CSU! Ah, nothing like a really quiet campus (and the ability to park on campus). I’ve kind of adopted an empty desk in DH’s grad student office as my office away from home.
  6. Having a futon in the basement. When the howling wind wakes us up we can make up the futon and reclaim a bit of sleep.

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