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Diversionary Tactic…

Filed under: Knitting, Socks, Baby Items — Kristi at 8:03 am on Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Charlie's Wiggle Sock 1

I’ve been struggling with getting the singles fine enough for the yarn I was hoping for. When I do get it as fine as I want my left hand cramps up because I’m having to put so much pressure on the single to keep the twist out of the drafting zone. Anyone have any theories on why I seem to require a death grip on my forward hand??

To break up the spinning I’m doing some knitting as well. Like several of you have noted, having a project that hits critical stages quickly and can be completed relatively quickly can be very important to one’s mental health. So, I cast on for a Charlie’s Wiggle Sock from the new Bordhi sock book. I have a baby beret (more on that, probably Friday) knit out of this same yarn ready to give to one of the owners of the coffeeshop where we gather to knit on Monday nights. Seeing as how one of the gals is knitting a sweater and another is knitting a mom and baby hat I thought a little matching pair of socks might be a nice addition. It’s low pressure, but does allow me to familiarize myself with yet another new construction technique with minimal time and yarn output.

I have to say, the sock is adorable! I am knitting it at a much tighter gauge than called for, so I knit the largest size and I think it is probably more newborn size. But, that works well seeing as how the baby is due in early November! Newborn socks will be required for a fall baby!

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