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New Pattern! Archimedes 3-in-1 Hat

Filed under: Knitting, Finished Objects, Baby Items, Knitting Patterns — Kristi at 7:40 am on Friday, October 19, 2007

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Ribbed Archimedes HatMy landmark 5000th shot occurred last Monday while having a photo shoot for my latest pattern design. Those of you who asked about the hat that cutie was wearing, here it is! It is the Archimedes. In that photo and the one at left is the unisex ribbed version without the beret blocking. In the top photo, both the lace and ribbed versions were blocked over plates to create the beret shape. Both have the optional 3-stitch i-cord bind off around the band, a treatment that is recommended if the wearer lands on the smaller end of one of the five sizes.

DSC_4747-Editwtmk.jpg All three versions of Archimedes have crowns adorned with a spiral pattern created by ribbing or eyelets in honor of scientist and mathematician. They are knit from the top down with either 2 circular needles or 4 double pointed needles. There are several crown and band options included so the hat can be different each time you knit it.


Knit from fingering weight yarn, the beret versions have a nice drape. Most of the sizes take significantly less than a 100 gm skein of sock yarn, in some cases even less than 50 gm. For an even lighter weight beret, knit from a mohair blend yarn like Kidsilk Haze. The cream version was knit from 15 gm of Kidsilk Haze! It is featherlight, yet still nice and warm. The red beret was knit with less than a skein of Colinette Jitterbug. The two infant versions were knit using Brown Sheep Wildfoote and both took significantly less than a 50 gm skein.

DSC_4979wtmk.jpgFor the beret version I recommended the lighter sock yarns - Trekking XXL and Pro Natura, Lorna’s Laces and Lang Jawoll for example. You could even try a single or doubled lace weight! Mid weight sock yarns work well for either version. For the hat version I recommend either heavier sock yarns or very elastic ones such as Koigu, Louet Gems, and the Jitterbug. If the yarn is very elastic it will loose the beret shaping over time. The pattern is quite versatile and the gauge to be most concerned about is the band and your head measurement. The band does have a tendency to stretch after blocking so I recommend knitting the band to be about 20% (or more) less than your head circumference.

Many thanks go out to Amanda and Ashley who test knit the pattern for me and served as very patient models. Ten month old, Isaac, also modeled the infant version. Thanks guys!

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