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FO: Sorta! LOL!

Filed under: Knitting, Socks, Finished Objects, Baby Items, Knitting Patterns, Classes, Designing — Kristi at 9:20 am on Thursday, April 10, 2008

2X2 Triple T Socks

Pattern: Triple T Socks (2X2 Rib, and Mock Mini Right Cable versions) (Ravelry)
Designer: Designedly, Kristi
Size: 5″ Circumference, Toddler
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Lullabye
Needles: 2 - US2 (2.75mm) 16″ Circulars
Gauge: 8 sts/in
Knit For: My Sister Knits Class Sample

I call this a “sorta FO” because they are a pair of socks, that were knit together toe-up on two circs, but they don’t match. I have another non-matching “pair” on the needles as I type. They are all four samples for a class I will be teaching in May at My Sister Knits. It’s a Two Toe-up Socks on Two Circulars class.

2X2 Triple T SocksFor me, the big advantage (besides minimizing yarn waste) of knitting toe-up socks is not having to swatch. You can start the toe and take it up to your “usual” stitch count, measure your gauge and make any adjustments to stitch count that may be required. Because of this, the pattern for the class (included with class enrollment) is going to be multi-sized (4″-11″ circumference in 1/2″ increments) and multi-gauged (7-10 sts/in in 1/2 sts/in increments) with tables similar to Budd’s Handy Books. I am also including four rib-based stitch patterns that can be plugged in, hence the need for four sample socks!

If you want more info on the class, I’ve added a link to the menu bar at the top - “Fiber Art Classes.” Just click on that anytime and get the latest info on classes I’m offering. There is also info there if you are interested in scheduling private knitting or spinning classes. I have also set up a mailing list for both class updates and knitting pattern updates. So go sign-up! And add patterns (AT) designedlykristi (DOT) com to your address book so you are sure to get all the messages.

2X2 Triple T SocksOkay, back to the socks :-) I absolutely *hated* this yarn when knitting it in my size. I tried it four times and couldn’t stand it. I’m so glad I pulled it out for these as the 36 sts at 8 sts/in makes it do a very pleasant spiral stripe. I actually like these little socks! I have to admit to having my doubts, but it was one of the few yarns I had in my stash that the shop was currently stocking. I do think 8 sts/in is a bit loose for Lorna’s, especially when ribbed, but I know that is the preferred gauge of many a sock knitter and for me time is of the essence so the small number of stitches was welcomed. If I ever knit with it again in adult sizes it’ll be at 9 sts/in or so I’m guessing.

Speaking of gauge, several of us have over the weeks discussed gauges for socks. In general, I like my socks nearly able to stand up on their own so that they hold up well to lots of wear. But, are you afraid of sock patterns that call for 9 or even 10 sts/in? What is your preferred sock gauge? Do you knit the same gauge no matter the sock yarn? For example, I find Lorna’s to be on the lighter side of the fingering classification, but others like Fortissima, for example, are heavier - do you use the same gauge for those? Myself, I change needle sizes and gauges depending upon the yarn most of the time, hence my patterns running anywhere from 7.5 sts/in to 10 sts/in (in a forth coming pattern yet to be published, or scheduled just yet).

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