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Filed under: Fibery Friends, Travel, Stash Expansion — Kristi at 8:22 am on Thursday, June 19, 2008

I went up to Estes on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I caught a ride with Amanda. We arrived just in time for the vendor barn to open and dropped off some things for Laura at the Textiles a Mano booth before cruising the vendors. The vendors were mostly the same as previous years - Intelacements, Brooks Farm, Textiles a Mano, Wooly Designs, Magpie Woodworks, Susan’s Fiber Shop, Red Barn, Bliss Merino, La Plata, Shuttles, Switzer, Northwest Looms, as well as some breed associations and a handful of finished woolen wear booths.

Alpaca Yarn from Switzer Land Farms Ashland Bay Merino Tussah Autumn

Alpaca BumpI did most of my shopping damage on Saturday. I went with a shopping list to pick out some yarn for the scarf grandma ordered for Christmas and some fiber for a commissioned spinning and design project (above). I got both of those things and two impulse purchases - an 8oz red alpaca roving bump from Stargazer Ranch and some mohair locks (below) so I have something to process whenever I choose the hand combs mom said I get for Christmas last year.

Garnet Mohair Locks Natural Gray Locks Natural Dark Gray Locks

I ran into quite a few people while roaming the vendor barn. In fact, pretty much everyone I had hoped to see at the blogger meet-up. So, when it came time for the blogger meet-up I was my usual wallflower self and just watched it for the most part. I know Kristi, Alyson, and Becky got a kick out of being a part of the meet-up on lookers as others were taking group photos and the like. Alyson in particular was amused that the “organizer” was looking on rather than participating. I didn’t even take photos of the group photos being taken :-) Oh well!

Glass BeadsWhile the meet-up was taking place Amanda was helping the overcrowded Textiles a Mano booth. Once she could get away from there we headed through town to eat at the Big Horn restaurant (that wasn’t a specific destination, just an uncrowded option that had good greasy spoon sort of food). After that we wandered next door to the Glassblower’s Studio where I think I made my favorite purchase of the market - yes, not at the actual market.

Amber Colored Glass Beads

I think they may become closures on some felted bags at some point in time.

After that we headed back to Fort Collins where the flurry of the market got me to pull some handspun off the wheel (that has been there since December I believe) and get it oiled and ready to go again. Tomorrow I’ll share Sunday’s unexpected excitement…

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