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Kristi’s Technicolor Dream Bag…

Filed under: Knitting, Classes, Designing — Kristi at 4:17 am on Monday, August 4, 2008

Kristi's Technicolor Dream Bag

Today I’m away from the computer all day for some fun. I don’t think it could have come at a better time. This heat has me vying for the Ms. Crankypants 2008 crown.

The above picture is something that has been occupying the few moments I can stand having a large woolly object sitting in my lap for the past couple weeks. It should have taken me less than a week to knit, but the size and our heat slowed me down. It wasn’t so bad though. Pacing my work on that freed me to get a few more designs in process.

I still can’t tell you what that photo above is. It’s a second of a design that will be hitting newsstands in early September. So, I’m hopeful the web page about it and that will be up soon so I can share more with you.

I can give you a hint - I’m teaching two class sessions on it in the upcoming months. I knit it a second time because I need a class sample and can’t be sure to get my original item back in time. I think the class will be lots of fun and I hope to help everyone be brave in their color choices (though that isn’t required, I’ll be making a third before too long in a palette of neutral colors for my mom). Either way, in the class you’ll learn more than just new knitting techniques. You’ll learn some fundamentals of color theory as well!

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