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Another Sundog Report from Amanda…

Filed under: Knitting, Baby Items, Knitting Patterns, Apparel — Kristi at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’m so excited…it’s all done and I only spent 2 hours finishing up the second sleeve last night. Unfortunately, Isaac was already in bed then. Hopefully, I can get him to try it on this evening…and I’m crossing my fingers that it fits fantastic. I have slight fears that my tension was a little off and the sweater will therefore be smaller than I aimed for. But, this is a pre-blocked fitting and a multitude of sins can be corrected with a good bath (that goes for more than just sweaters). I can’t wait for the fancy photo shoot we’ve got planned for this weekend.

I haven’t weighed the leftover yarn…but there’s a decent amount. Enough, I’m sure, to knit Jacob (nearly 1 year old) a coordinating vest. I already drafted the pattern using inspiration and sizing from Sundog. I incorporated the same stitch patterns, and details but modified to a saddle shoulder vest. I’ll be sure to share the pattern when it’s complete.

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