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Black Friday Freebie!

Filed under: Knitting, Finished Objects, Knitting Patterns — Kristi at 1:21 am on Friday, November 27, 2009

Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers

The New Logo!Over the past couple of weeks I have been working hard on developing a new pattern layout. This included developing a new logo as well since I have been limping along without a scalable logo file since my first hard drive crash about 4 years ago or so. I have solicited lots of feedback from a variety of people and really appreciate the comments and suggestions that helped me put together an improved pattern template system.

Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers

With Black Friday sort of kicking off the holiday season I decided I wanted to give a holiday gift that could become a holiday gift for you to give as well. Plus, with a new logo and new pattern template it seemed like triple the reason to offer this fun leg warmer pattern, Collegiate Flare, for free! Since it is free, anyone who has taken a pledge to not spend money on Black Friday can still enjoy something new and remain faithful to their promise!

Collegiate Flare Leg WarmersLeg warmers are popping up all over. I don’t know about you, but I have gotten sucked into a few dance-related reality series thanks to my sister and you are definitely seeing many of the dancers wearing them. I’ve also noticed them for sale at several stores around town from big box discount stores to smaller, one-of-a-kind boutiques. As I have occasionally mentioned I have some serious muscle issues when I get cold so they are quite practical for me as well, allowing me to stay warm while saving a bit of energy and keeping my thermostat a couple degrees cooler.

Collegiate Flare Leg WarmersI wanted to keep the design relatively simple, using a simple ribbed-based pattern that requires no calf shaping, yet fits a wide range of sizes. Though I appreciate simplicity I am a bit of a sucker for unique details. I decided to have a full-fashioned flared gusset at the bottom of the leg warmers. It not only is a nice finishing touch, but quite practical for all those ballet flats and other low-cut shoes that have been invading my shoe collection over the last year or so.

Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers

For today (11/27/2009, MST) only you can download the Collegiate Flare pattern for free. It’s a relatively quick to knit pattern that you could work up for holiday gifting and you get a chance to check out the new pattern layout and new logo in action.

Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers Collegiate Flare Leg Warmers

I will be slowly working my way backwards through my patterns and updating them to the new format. I’ll be squeezing the conversions in between other designing so it will be a drawn out process. As I update patterns, notifications will be sent out via Ravlery letting you know of the change. In most cases I expect the changes to be strictly cosmetic, but please read through the notification to double check. I will make note of any non-cosmetic changes that were made. I will also be noting version number equivalencies on the pattern pages on Ravelry (and here on the web site when I get a chance to update it). In addition, some of my older patterns will be retired from wholesale and will only be available in their current (original) format online. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

The free period has expired, but the pattern is still available!

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