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Monday’s Halloween, Crafty, Yummy & Funny Linkity

Filed under: Linkity — Kristi at 2:25 pm on Monday, October 25, 2010


I’m very late in posting today because I had an early morning photoshoot. As luck would have it, it was very dark and overcast this morning and now the light in the living room is FANTASTIC! When I don’t have a model available :-(

I did come to one conclusion - I need better trained dogs, LOL! Above is an “outtake” from this morning. Of course the poor lighting conditions required a 1/15 sec shutter speed (that is very slow and requires a tripod) doesn’t help with a couple hyper dogs. Probably 80% of the shots with either Brandon or Emma look like a streak of black or brown.





  • The Panopticon made me laugh again this week with his public service announcement.
  • The difference between Facebook and Twitter gave me a great chuckle too. (Thanks Chris!)


This was as close as we got to a usable shot with a dog in it… *sigh*

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