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New Knitting Pattern: Kate Shawl

Filed under: Knitting Patterns, Designing — Kristi at 5:12 am on Thursday, December 2, 2010

Original Laceweight Kate Shawl

You may recognize a few of the images in the above mosaic. Back in July some of the detail shots of my original Kate Shawl adorned several posts. This shawl design was created for Wooly Wonka Fibers‘ 2010 Shakespeare in Lace club. If you are familiar with Taming of the Shrew you’ve no doubt already brought to mind Katherine Minola, the play’s protagonist. I chose angular stitch patterns to represent her abrasive and contrary personality, but as the shawl grows from the top down the patterns get increasingly delicate just as Kate herself was tamed by her new husband Petruchio. Since many of Kate’s fellow townsmen see her as a woman who goes against the grain, I placed these angular stitch patterns on an asymmetric triangle.

Fingering Weight Kate Scarf

I love the asymmetry of this shawl. Having a slight curve in the long side in addition to the extra length allows it to wrap across the front and over the opposite shoulder with plenty of fabric to hold itself in place. It is very easy to wear without requiring a shawl pin or stick (though you may choose to wear one anyway, or course). In the case of the smaller, fingering weight version I have added to the original pattern you get a wearable span without an overly long drop - especially nice for the petite! If I haven’t sold you on the advantages of the asymmetric triangle there is some guidance provided to knit it in the more traditional symmetric triangle shape if you’d rather.

The fingering weight version uses less than 100 grams so many sock yarns can be used. Here we’ve used Madelinetosh tosh sock in the color Fig. I just adore working with these yarns as so many of the colorways come across as semi-solid so they don’t compete too much with stitch patterns, but when you work with them and are looking closely you see there are many, many colors making up that “semi-solid.” In most lights this reads as a dark, cool brown, but there are actually many different shades of brown and purple making up this yarn.

The laceweight version is using Wooly Wonka’s Thalia Lace (1200 yds per skein) in the color Katherine (of course). I believe she may have a few extra kits to part with if you’d like to knit it as is. Thalia is a wool/silk blend that is a tad towards the heavier side of lace weight. It is probably relatively comparable to Zephyr (which I’ve been working with lately) in weight.

Kate Shawl in Lace and Fingering - $7 - Buy Now
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Busy time this week! Everything happening all at once it seems. I knew of several people who were anxiously awaiting the availability of this pattern so I didn’t want to hold it back.

I’m going to get some rest now and be back to the normal blog schedule come Monday. Have a great weekend!

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