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Infinite Scrunch Available Now

Filed under: Freebies, Knitting Patterns — Kristi at 12:19 pm on Monday, February 14, 2011

Peek at Infinite Scrunch

Infinite Scrunch is now available! It is a FREE pattern, part of My Sister Knit’s February/March newsletter, which can be downloaded at

Infinite Scrunch

Infinite Scrunch I opted to make this infinity scarf generously sized so that it could also be worn as a shrug. It fits Amanda beautifully. If I were to knit one specifically for me and really wanted to wear it in the shrug style, given my plus size I’d purchase an extra ball of yarn and do an additional 2-3 repeats. I can wear it as is, but it doesn’t have the drape as shown here.

Infinite Scrunch

This version is knit from 4 balls of Rowan Kid Classic, a blend of wool, mohair and nylon. You could also carry a mohair yarn along with a DK or worsted weight wool yarn. I can envision using two analogous colors for a nice depth of color. Or, carrying a solid color with a variegated one. Other fuzzy yarns, such as those with camelid yarns (alpaca, llama, camel) would create a similar look and feel as well. You’ll want about 625 yards.

Infinite Scrunch

I used larger than called for needles - US 10.5 to increase the drape of the final fabric so it was flexible and light enough to be scrunched and worn in the variety of ways one can wear an infinity scarf.

I love this scarf and am so sad that I had to give it up to be on display in the store. I wore it a bunch until I dropped it off. I’m very tempted to cast on another as it is fantastic TV or SnB knitting and I don’t always have a project like that on the needles. The only question is what color… Hmmm…..

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