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A Spring Linkity

Filed under: Linkity — Kristi at 8:28 am on Monday, April 11, 2011

Very First Plum Blossoms

While the temps around here have been pretty good at saying “spring” for a while, it hasn’t felt it. But, the plum tree which usually blooms about mid-March, a good two months ahead of our average last frost date has finally started to bloom. Just a teeny bit. I’m guessing it is the lack of moisture that has slowed its flowering. But a later bloom means a much better chance that we’ll have a good crop of plums come late August. Given it’s usually early bloom I just never feel like spring has arrived until that tree flowers. Isn’t it pretty with the morning light on it?

Did you do something to keep your feather in the air and feed your creative spirit this weekend? Our weekend involved two outings with friends (one expected and one a happy accident), knitting lace, baking and taking photographs - pretty much everything a weekend should involve! Well, it maybe could have included a bit more sleep or a soak in a hot tub. But not too shabby!


  • I had an aunt who overdid the bunny thing for me so crafty linkity are a bit rough right now as most are focusing on Easter crafts, but this bunny I still like. Plus, it is a great excuse to show off your vintage hankies for a bit.
  • Despite my bunny aversion, I can’t help but find thess needle felted peeps too adorable for words. Frankly, they are much better than real peeps, IMHO.
  • And, a DK Pattern spotting - Robin knit in record time the small fingering weight version of my Kate shawl in a gorgeous color of Pagewood Farm yarn (see project page on Ravelry).



Okay, I must crack the whip! More baking to do and photos to process and yet more lace knitting to do and perhaps even some additional lace charting. It is a busy day ahead!

I hope you have a great start of your week!

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