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Meet Buttercream!

Filed under: Knitting, In the Kitchen, Knitting Patterns, Designing — Kristi at 10:33 am on Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I showed you a glance at Buttercream in yesterday’s post. I’m sure choosing a favorite pattern from the book is like saying one child of many is your favorite. But boy did I enjoy designing and knitting these gauntlets! They totally flew off my needles in record time. Thanks in part to cabling without a cable needle, though that isn’t required.

Buttercream Gusset

One of my favorite parts (other than the obvious cabling of course) are the thumb gussets. They are anatomically correct and actually grow out of the center of the palm, just as your flesh starts to form the thumb pad. It makes for a fabulous fit and helps keep the design better centered on the top of the hand. Of course if you have a favorite thumb gusset construction you could always substitute that in, though I would encourage you to give this one a try. You might never make another type of thumb gusset again!

Buttercream Unmodeled

The fingerless gauntlets are fully shaped with the decreases and increases worked right into the pattern. The two mock cables running along the side continue along the sides of the hand.


If you couldn’t already guess, the Buttercream pattern is paired with cupcake-related recipes for the book. I share my favorite cake/cupcake filling, rhubarb and a well-balanced almond buttercream frosting.


Amanda and I had a blast on this photoshoot, despite the cramped quarters of my dining room (Dear Santa, I need a wider angle lens for Christmas please). It was Amanda’s first time piping frosting and I think she did a wonderful job! We of course also had to sample our hard work…

Buttercream Buttercream Buttercream

Buttercream is written in one circumference with two different lengths (the longer length is shown here) for fingering weight yarn. This version is knit in Frog Tree Yarns’ Pediboo, whose bamboo content gives it enough sheen to really pop the twisted stitches. The longer length does require two skeins of Pediboo, though many other yarns can produce them with just one skein. For the longer length you’ll need roughly 290 yards, the shorter requires only 245 yards. Additional circumferences can be accommodated by changing gauge slightly. This sample pair fits both Amanda and myself (another @&* pounds heavier than she). In fact, I’ve been wearing them a bit this week while the weather is trying to decide between summer and fall. As with the other patterns in Nourishing Knits, the recipes are only in the book. If you wait for the pattern to be released separately it does not include the recipes.

Monday’s Nourishing Knits update was the final one until the whole book is released. So, when the next installment comes out the price goes up!

I’ll also be putting together a blog book tour once the book is complete. If you’d be interested in hosting a stop on that tour, let me know by dropping an e-mail to aberka at designedlykristi dot com. Please include your blog address in the e-mail!

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