Fiber Fool

Follow the feats and foibles of a fiber fanatic.


Artist * Baker * Bookbinder * Collagist * Coloradoan * Cook * Daughter * Designer * Friend * Granddaughter * Instructor * Knitter * Minnesota Native * Movie Watcher * Music Fan * Musician * Photographer * Reader * Singer * Sister * Spinner * Tea Party Giver * Theater Goer * UND Alumnus * Wife * Writer

These are just a few of the hats I wear; the ones that came to mind readily anyway. I guess I’m a bit of a Renaissance woman. I *love* learning and researching. My mom tells me that even as a young child once I “mastered” something to a certain level I grew tired and moved onto the next thing. I think that is why the fiber arts have attracted me in recent years. There are so many different things you can learn about them and things are ever changing and evolving.

My creative pursuits are often influenced by my day to day experiences such as reading, movies, music, and cooking, as well as the traditions and stories from my past. To experience my art and my designs to their fullest I think it helps to have a more rounded and complete view of who I am as a person, hence my inclusion of a wide variety of subjects beyond the scope of my creative process in this blog.

I hope you’ll find some entertainment, new facts, fun techniques, and inspiration to be creative in your own life whenever you visit.